Where Will The Wind Take Me Today?

Let The Wind Blow!

Like A Ship! Someone said that being a real believer is like being a ship that God wants to send out to sea to sail wherever the wind might carry us!  Often times when the strong winds of adversity blow into my life, I don’t like them and I begin to have a “woe is me” complex.  The thing that I have to keep reminding myself of is that wind (adversity, hard times, frustrations) is not a bad thing, it is a good thing that is going to blow me into a new and better direction, if I will let it.

Learn This! The important principle to learn here is:  Don’t fight against the wind, instead learn to harness the power of the wind and you will discover that it will take you to places that you could never get to on your own.  I like to think of the wind as the Holy Spirit, when I pull up my anchor and adjust my sails – He takes me through the tough spots and into amazing places of blessing.

Ask God! Next time you find yourself going through a difficult time because the winds of adversity are blowing into and through your life, just take a moment to pray to God and ask Him to help you to pull up the anchor and set the sails and then get ready to enjoy the ride of a life time!


Grow Your Courage!

Got Courage?

“Courage is a gift of God that is given to each of us! Our problem is our failure to use what God has given!”

Another Amazing Gift! In my quiet time this morning, the Holy Spirit hit me with this thought!  God has given amazing gifts to all of His creation.  One of the amazing gifts that He has given to you and me is the gift of courage.  The dictionary says that courage is strength in the face of pain or grief.  Courage is the thing that allows you to take one more step in the right direction.  Courage is the thing that motivates you to go on when everything and everyone else tells you to stop.  Courage is the thing that takes you to amazing and incredible places.

Sad Reality vs. Happy Outcomes! Without courage, we would never go anywhere and never accomplish anything of real and true significance, but with courage we attempt to accomplish the impossible and often succeed and learn valuable lessons, even when we fail.

How To Grow Your Courage! How do we activate and live in the power of this great gift that God has given to us?  It actually is very simple!  Courage is activated by our faith! We need to continually remind ourselves that God is Who He says He is and He is faithful!  This simple reminder will allow Him to do great things in and through our lives.  Have faith in God, trust in Him, watch your courage grow and begin to go places and experience things that you only dreamed of before!

A Few Thoughts!

It has been another great Sunday! I am slap worn out, but worn out in a very good way! Looking forward to getting some good rest tonight!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers over the past couple of days. Your prayers and encouraging notes mean more to me than words can say!

I am very excited about what God is up to in my life. I am learning so much and really feel that I am experiencing some amazing personal growth. Can’t wait to see what God is going to do next! Your prayers and this journey that I am on with God has me standing in a very new, powerful and exciting place!

I want you to be able to enjoy the journey that God has for you. Do not be satisfied with the man or woman that you think you can be! Seek to become the man or woman that God knows you can be! I hope you have a good night and blessed week! G3!