Preacher Boy!

Making An Impact!

I had the opportunity a couple of months ago to go and celebrate with my Pastor and friend Dr. “Cool Hugh” Cooper. We were celebrating his serving the Lord in ministry for 50 years. People from all of the churches that he had served through the years, showed up for a fun time of reminiscing, food and fellowship. I was honored that I was able to be there, because I had often heard him refer to me as one of his “preacher boys!” I hope that my being in ministry now for over 20 years as a “preacher boy” brings glory to the Lord and honor to my Pastor.

On my ride home, I thought about Dr. Cooper and all of the influence and impact that he has had on my life. As a teenager, he helped me to figure out and understand God’s calling upon my life. As a “minister in training” he gave me opportunities to preach, teach and participate in ministry. He helped me and my bride to tie the knot. And he has always been a source of encouragement and a great example to my life and ministry. Thank you Dr. Cooper! I love you and appreciate you and thank you for being my pastor and friend!

Tonight at Northwood, one of my “preacher boys” is going to be preaching! Jonathan Pearson came to Northwood as a young teenager and it has been a joy for me to watch as God has worked in his life and through his ministry. God has already done an amazing work in his life and I know that God has even greater things in his future. I am looking forward to his sharing with us tonight. I love you Jonathan and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life and ministry and for being a part of mine!

My writing today makes me feel a little old, but more than old, it makes me feel thankful. Thankful for those who have influenced my life and thankful for those that allow my life to influence theirs! God is good all of the time! G3! Give God Glory!


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  1. So grateful to be one of your “preacher boys.” From day #1 at Northwood, I have admired you and your faithfulness to the calling on your life. I’m so thankful for a pastor and mentor that always has time for those that may not be as busy as he is. Your teaching, example, training, and prayer are much appreciated. In a field where it’s easy to doubt if you’ve really made a difference…Never doubt! You’ve definitely impacted one “preacher boy! Love you brother!

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