Something Different!

I thought I would share something a little bit different today!  I love photography and I am what you might call an amateur photographer, so I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you!


Faithful! This is a tree in the field beside my house.  I have had many a conversations with God while just standing and looking at this tree.  It has always been there and is always there whenever I need it to be and so is He!

Possibilities! This was my Uncle’s truck and then it became my Dad’s truck and now it is sitting in my back yard.  I have seen it go through several transformations and I look forward to one day taking it through a transformation myself.  Would love to get it back to my Dad’s shop for a Pop’s and Son project!

Chrome! One of my favorite colors!  This is the motor of my 08 Heritage Softail!  I love to ride and being able to ride during the last couple of years has probably helped me to not go totally bonkers!  If I have to explain, then you would not understand!

Wisdom! This is one of my neighbors and she has forgotten in her life time more than I can remember.  As I look in the mirror, I am discovering that every line has a story to tell and a lesson to learn!  Thank God for our Elders and what we can learn from them!

This is just a few and if you like this format, then let me know.  I may try to do something like this once a week or two in the future!  I hope my blog in some way blesses you!  Thanks for looking and reading!


4 thoughts on “Something Different!”

  1. I appreciate your thoughts and so many times they speak exactly what my heart needed to hear. Praying for you, Michael Joe. Love you.

  2. Great format…keep it up.
    Your words are always and encouragement to me and I often share with those I work with.

    We can find God in a lot of stuff if we will take the time to slow down and allow Him the time He wants with us.

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