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Take It Easy!

We know what it is like for life to become toss and tumble. We can find ourselves in a very uncomfortable spot, before we even realize what it really going on. And often times, we are the very ones that put ourself in these challenging and frustrating places.

There is a favorite song by the Eagles that sums up how we can be our own worst enemy and then with the chorus reminds us of what really matters by encouraging us to ’take it easy!”

“Take It Easy” By The Eagles!

“Well, I’m running down the road tryin’ to loosen my load.I’ve got seven women on my mind. Four that wanna own me, two that wanna stone me. One says she’s a friend of mine.”

“Take It easy, take it easy. Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy. Lighten up while you still can. Don’t even try to understand. Just find a place to make your stand and take it easy…”

The Scriptures teach us that we have the power and the control, if we are willing to use it. And when we use it, we are on our way to living our best life.

“5 Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand.” -Philippians 4:5

You have to know your gentleness, before others can! You cannot give to anyone else what you do not posses for yourself. Before you can give any good gift to others that you love and care about, you must first obtain that gift for yourself. Our Creator is gentle with us and when we open our heart and life to receive gentleness/taking it easy from Him, then we have a great gift to share with others.

The gentle life doesn’t force anything, it simply allows, learns and grows… The things I can’t change will either change me for the better or the worse – it really is my choice!

Here Are A Few Keys To Living Gently:

1.) Allow! Let be whatever is going to be. Don’t fight it, instead embrace it and get from it whatever it is coming into your life to teach you. We waste so much every fighting fights that are a complete waste of energy and time. Stop wasting and learn to simply let life unfold like the beautiful flower that it is.

2.) Learn! I really believe that this human experience is all about learning who and what we are, so that we can enjoy and get the most out of eternity. The ups, downs and sideways come into my life to teach me, grow me and help me to become an even better version of myself, so that I can benefit from all the amazing blessings that God wants to flow to and through my life and living.

3.) Grow! If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: The longer I live this thing called life, the more I realize that every moment of every day is about becoming and growing into the amazing and beautiful creation of God that gives Him glory and everyone blessing. I know that I am getting this life right, when this life is causing God and others to smile.

We don’t have to have everything figured out, we just need to learn to take it easy and enjoy the journey, because God will get us to where we need to be. Our challenge is to not get in the way.

Take it easy friends!

Being A Blessing!

One of the things that really brings me joy is being able to be an encouragement to others, especially when I can help them live their best life. I try to be for others, what I wish someone would be for me. I am not sure that I always get this right, but it is the goal of my life and living and brings me great satisfaction and pleasure when I get it right.

Proverbs 11:25 says: The generous soul will be made rich, And he who waters will also be watered himself.

This morning I was thinking about the practical ways that I can accomplish my goal of being an encouragement to others and here are just a few of the ways that I came up with:

SMILE MORE! It is amazing how many people walk around all day long and never smile. I’ve noticed if I smile at others, then often they can’t help but smile back. I try to make it a habit to speak to every person I cross paths with. It’s amazing what a ”Good Morning!”, “Beautiful Day!” Or “How’s Life Treating You?” will wake folks up to realizing that it is more than just them in this world. God has given us one another to be a blessing and encouragement. A smile communicates a thousand positive messages without saying a word.

THINK THROUGH AND TEACH THE SACRED SCRIPTURES! When my “hellos” turn into a conversation, then I need to have something better than my own home spun theories to talk about. This is another reason, that I begin everyday with reading in the Scriptures. God’s Word is God’s Wisdom and it makes me a lot wiser, when I read it, live it and share it with others. Speaking what I am learning from the Scriptures helps me to live it and gives others something meaningful to think about.

WRITE ENCOURAGING NOTES AND POSTS! I decided many years ago, that if I could not keep it positive that I would get off of Social Media. Social Media is a platform that can be used for good of bad, the choice is yours. I choose to use it for good. I can commit on other’s post and share an encouraging word, attaboy or way to go. I can post things I am learning and ways that God is growing me. I can text, email and send encouraging messages with just a few key strokes. The “key”, I have found is just making sure that I actually take the time to do it. Don’t just scroll and casually read. As you scroll, think about how you can be a blessing and be one.

LISTEN AND WHEN YOU DO SPEAK, DON’T WASTE YOUR WORDS! So many conversations now a days have become a big waste, because we do a lot of talk, but nothing much really gets said. There are a couple of easy things we can do to change this: 1.) Listen! Close your mouth, stop thinking about what you are wanting to say and really listen. Listening is an art form and the people that get good at it, can be life changing. 2.) When you do speak, make sure that what you are speaking is EAT = encouraging, applicable and true. The goal of our speaking should always be to leave things better than we found them.

JUST BE YOURSELF – THE YOU THAT GOD MADE YOU TO BE! You really are a special creation of the Most High God. And God created you to be a blessing and encouragement to others. When we get this right, our lives bring God great joy, so just be you, the real you, the fun you, the happy you. As you make life better for others, you will become even more of yourself and you will find that you are blessed in your blessing of others…

Ideas Are Powerful!

I love ideas and being a creative, my mind and life is filled with them. My biggest problem is grabbing hold of them and finding the time to follow through with thinking, planning and implementation. I try to keep a note book, but most of the time I am too scattered to discipline myself to take the time to write, print, post, draw and record, which I know is a down right shame and I have got to do better.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters…” -Colossians 3:23

The real power of an idea comes when we capture it, nurture it, bring it to life and share it’s benefits and blessings with others. The problem with ideas is that they are quickly forgotten. So we need to develop a system that allows us to keep them from fluttering away just as quickly as they came into our thoughts.

The First Step To Getting The Most Out Of Our Ideas Is To Capture It! This is best done by finding a way to record the idea and our thoughts about it. We can do this by writing it down, recording via video or audio our idea and thought or even sharing it with someone else, who is better at remembering and holding onto things. The important thing is to develop a capturing system and then practice disciplining yourself to use it regularly. Another great benefit of a journal/notebook to record your ideas in, is that once you write it down, your mind is free to release is and open space for even more creative ideas…

The Second Step To Getting The Most Out Of Our Ideas Is To Nurture It! This means we need to take care of it, feed it, water it and give it whatever it needs to grow and develop. This way the idea can actually grow into something that makes a difference. We need to schedule time to think about our ideas, work on our ideas and grow our ideas. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail and many great ideas get lost, because while someone had the idea, no one was willing to do anything with it…

The Third Step To Getting The Most Out Of Our Ideas Is To Bring It To Life. This means we not only make a plan, but we actually begin executing the steps to help make the plan a reality. The light bulb was an idea, but someone had to fail many times, before it became a reality, but once it became a reality, it changed everyone’s lives and still does to this very day…

The Fourth Step To Getting The Most Out Of Our Ideas Is To Share The Benefits And Blessings With Others. Most of the ideas we have are going to make life or some task in life easier for us and if it does it for us, then it more than likely will do that for others. The real blessing of having an idea is not having it. The real blessing of an idea is not even helping the idea to become a reality. The real blessing of an idea is using it to make life better for others.

Ideas are powerful and God gives us many everyday. Take some time to grab on and help some of them become reality, you will be glad you did…