Living Happy!

Quick video I shot this morning about living happy!  Just a few thoughts about Living Happy!  Happiness is really not all that difficult thing to experience.  Here are three things that we can do to live happy:

1.  Live In Relationship!  You were created by a Creator, Who has an amazing plan and purpose for your life.  Get this, believe this and live this and it will make an incredible difference in your life.

2.  Live With Gratitude!  We have so much to be thankful for.  Just by taking time to think about it – changes our lives.  Think about all you have to be grateful for on a regular basis.

3.  Live Your Choice!  You decide for you.  You cannot do it for me and I cannot do it for you.  Happiness is a choice that each of us make for ourselves.  Stop playing the game and start enjoying all that the Creator has put around you.