My Dad!

My Dad!

I learned a long time ago that I needed to be careful when it came to politics.  Being a minister and serving community needs in the way that I do, often generates questions that get thrown my way, asking what I think about a situation or person.  I always try to be careful, so as not to endorse any specific candidate.  I have my thoughts and opinions and I will gladly share them, over a cup of coffee among friends, but I still try to do that very carefully.

There is however, one endorsement that I would make.  Several years ago, my Dad, David Harvell felt a leading to run for town council in our home town of Williamston South Carolina.  He ran and was elected and has served with distinction during some of the most challenging times the town has ever had to face.

My Dad is a quiet man, always has been.  He is not a politician.  He is simply a hard-working man, that puts his pants on, one leg at a time and goes to work serving his community day after day in whatever way he can best do that.  He has never been one to toot his own horn.  He is not flashy or fancy.  He has no agenda, other than trying to do what is best for the people that he lives with and seeks to serve.

David Harvell is the one candidate that I would endorse, because I have lived with the man and seen him up close and personal behind closed doors and can tell you that he is without doubt the real deal.  He taught me simple principles growing up that stick with and guide me still to this day.

Here are just a few of the things that he taught me, that influence who I am and what I do, to this very day:

  • Every person is important, no matter who they are, where they come from or what they have or don’t have, because God created them and has a plan for their life.
  • Work hard and give a person more than what they pay for.
  • You can’t do everything, but you can do your best and should always do the job right the first time.
  • Spend more time listening than you do talking and you will learn something.
  • Help every person you can in every way that you can.
  • Accept God’s love and share that love with everyone you can.
  • Give back because of all that life has given you.

My Dad served his country overseas during some of it’s most difficult days.  He came home and built a family and a business, while spending a great deal of his time training other young men to do the same.  He did not carry me to church, but went to church with me and taught me the joys of serving God by serving man.  He gave me an example of how a husband is to love his wife and children.  He did not just tell me what was right, he showed me what was right.  I could go on and on, but I am sure you get the point.

He is not a perfect man, but He is a good man, one of the best that you will ever get the chance to meet.  They say that what you see is what you get.  My Dad, David Harvell is the one man who I would have to endorse, because I know that you get better than what you see, because there is a lot you don’t see, that he never has bragged about.

Patient, steady, faithful, honest, hard-working and consistent are just a few of the words that I would use to describe him.  This is what I have seen and experienced of his character through the years and if you have been paying attention, then you have seen the same things.

Thanks for letting me share a little bit about the second most important man in my life.  In case you wonder why is he second, it’s because that’s one more thing he taught me – to always put God first!  And just in case I have not said it lately – thanks Dad!