Live Like Water!

Flow Baby Flow!

Water flows.  It cannot help it, it’s just what it does.  If we try to squeeze it, then it squirts aways from our grasp.  When we relax our hands, then we can feel it, hold it and be touched by it.  In order for water to stay pure, then it must flow.  Water always flows to the lowest places.  It has no specific plans, it just fulfills it’s purpose naturally by doing what it does and being what it is.

We need to learn to live in the free flow, just like water.  We need to learn to communicate without agenda.  We need to be receptive to anyone that comes along, believing that they can make life better.  We need to practice acceptance, gentleness, kindness and love in all the situations of our day.

We need to allow our thoughts to flow freely, just like water.  Stop fighting life.  Stop trying to be something that you know you are not.  Allow yourself the grace to simply and beautifully be you.  You were created to live in freedom, so stop putting yourself in self constructed prisons of doubt, resentment and frustration.

Learn to live in the free flow of love, thanksgiving and beauty.  Life will move to a place of balance, if you will learn to live in the free flow.  There are amazing places for you to go and incredible things for you to do, but you can only get there by learning to flow in the freedom of who and what you were created to be.  Stop fighting, pretending and going through the motions and enjoy the free flow of all that your Creator has for you!