This Is Going To Be Very COOL!
This Is Going To Be Very COOL!

I believe that there are universal principles that have the ability to make a big difference in each of our lives, if we will work to put the principles into practice.  Reading the principles is a start, but only a start.  Knowing the principles are good, but not good enough.  Talking about the principles is heading in the right direction, but there has to be more than talk.  We need action, because the principles will work, if we will work the principles.

Jim Rohn once said:  “You can’t hire someone else to do your push ups!”  Each of us have hard work that we need to do physically, mentally and spiritually, if we are going to experience the fulfillment of success and victory that we were created for.

Each of us have been blessed with the opportunity to live extraordinary lives, that our Creator allows us to share with one another.  It’s only an idea, until you put it into practice.  Ideas thought in our heads produce possibilities, while principles practices in our living produce growth.

Here is the very simple truth:  Work the principles and the principles will work for you!  Learn the principles and then put them into practice and watch as amazing things begin to manifest in your life.  The Bible is full of instruction and direction for living the fulfilled life, but the instruction and direction has to be about more than facts and knowledge that we have put inside our heads.  It has to be truth that we believe in our hearts that motivates us to live a different kind of life, day after day, after day.

During the next year, we are going to go on a journey to try to learn the principles and while we are learning them, also put them into practice in a consistent and persistent way.  I want to invite you to join me at Grace Place each Sunday morning at 11 AM to learn about the principles and be challenged and encouraged to put them into practice.

I really believe that this New Year is all about a New You – the YOU that your Creator created you to be.  So let me encourage you right here and now to do three things in getting ready to take this journey:

1.) Think about and decide that you want the better life that you were created for.

2.) Believe that God desires for you to have it and because of what He has done for you, you deserve it!  (That’s what GRACE is all about!)

3.) Get ready to put the principles into practice in the new year, so you can grow into the new you!

You can do this and the amazing and fun part is that we get to do this together!  Live blessed, it’s a great way to give your Creator glory…


Sharing Grace Is Messy!

What A Gift?
What A Gift?

When one thinks of sharing grace, they think of happiness and fulfillment, and rightly so, because there is much happiness that comes from the sharing and receiving of grace. Grace in its most purest form is God giving to us what we could never earn and what we certainly cannot deserve.  It is a beautiful gift that keeps on giving in so many different ways.

When we started the Grace Place Ministry a couple of years ago, it was in response to the leading and teaching of the Spirit.  Grace had so touched and impacted our lives and we simply wanted to in some way do something more than just talk about it.  We wanted to not just receive it, but share it with others, with anyone and everyone that we can.

In the two years of sharing grace, I have learned a great many things.  Here are just a few that I hope will encourage you and help you to know how to pray for us:

1.) To really share grace, you must continue to receive grace.  You can’t share what you don’t have.  And you don’t have what you won’t receive.  We all need grace and when we realize this and open our lives up to it, then it is amazing what begins to happen in so many different ways.  Our Creator provides us with grace everyday for that day.  Receive it, so you can share it and share it so others can receive it.

2.) To really share grace, you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone.  Sharing grace will take you to places that you would never take yourself.  You will have to do things differently than you had planned, because once you start sharing grace and people start receiving the grace that you are sharing, then a whole new movement of miracles begins to take place.  You cannot share grace and stay where you are, because grace moves you and this is really a beautiful and magical thing.

3.) To really share grace, you must be willing to deal with a little mess.  One of the things that I catch myself saying a lot, now a days, is that “Sharing Grace Is Messy!”  If you like a clean and tidy schedule, then you probably don’t want to start sharing grace.  If you want to stay and enjoy the comfort of a padded pew, then you probably don’t want to start sharing grace.  If you want to sit behind a desk and feel like you control the world, then you probably don’t want to start sharing grace.

Sharing grace will bring people and things into your life and many of these people and things are wonderful blessings right from the very start.  Sharing grace will also bring people and things into your life and many of these people and things will break your heart and challenge your spirit.  But to really share grace, you don’t get to pick and choose – you just simply share and let grace do it’s thing.

I would not trade the journey that I began two years ago for anything.  I have learned so much and I am still learning today.  The biggest thing that I have learned is that there is still a whole lot that I have to learn.  As my Creator gives me the grace, I will learn and use my learning to share His grace in even more amazing ways.

May God bless you on your journey, as you receive and share the amazing gift of His grace…

It’s Under Your Feet!

What Are You Standing On?
What Are You Standing On?

My Grandfather loved his land.  He bought it from his Dad and had worked it for the major part of his life.  We used to walk the property lines every Sunday and he would tell me stories of things that had taken place on this sacred piece of earth.

He knew that bounty was not something that you kept in a bank, nor was it a job that you worked nine to five.  Real bounty was the gifts and blessings that flowed into your life through the generosity of the ground under your feet.

The green hills provided a place of shelter, a place to belong and call home.  The fertile soil with the smell of life gave fruits and vegetables.  The thick forest offered retreat and comfort, while the wide open plains offered opportunity for adventure.

The land, as my Pa called it, has already provided us with all that we need to live a life of peace and joy.  Our Creator, created the Heaven and the earth and they are perfect creations, doing everything that they are supposed to do.  From the Heaven comes wind, rain and the bright sunlight of day.  While the earth gives us a place to live, nourishment for our body, minerals for our growth, jewels for our decoration and somewhere to go and something to do.

Everything that we need is either just above our heads or right under our feet.  Stop looking past the horizon, when what you need is within your grasp.  Bend down, pick up some dirt and think about the significance of what you are holding.  Now think about what you are walking on, claim what you have been blessed with and be careful not to miss what your Creator has given you!