Past Is Past!

It’s Back There, But What’s The Big Deal?

There are all kinds of people who walk into Grace Place.  I mean literally all kinds of people, from every walk of life.  Some are up and some are down.  Some are walking in victory and some are wallowing in defeat.  Some are smiling and excited to be here and some are just here.

I was having a conversation with a person at Grace Place today and someone walked by and acknowledged knowing the person that I was talking to.  The person I was talking to, wanted to go hide under a rock.  When I asked what was up – they responded:  “That person is from my past and what I’ve already told you about my past is bad enough, but now you are going to find out that it’s even worse than I told you.”

I asked:  “What’s the name of this place?”  He said:  “Grace Place!”  And I said:  “And that’s why your past does not matter, because God’s grace is more than sufficient!”  He said:  “I know, but…”  I cut him off with:  “There are not buts, you are the one making the choice to go back and be stuck in the past.”  I then said:  “You’ve got to let it go!”

This got me to thinking!  Everyone has a past.  If you think you don’t, then wait just a second and see – even you have one!  But you don’t have to live and get stuck in your past.  Your Creator did not create you to live in your past.  We should learn from our past, but then we need to move on to get the most out of our present, because our Creator promises an amazing future.

Thank you Lord, that I am not what I used to be and thank you that I don’t have to get stuck there!  Since you don’t make me live there, then please help me to not expect anyone else to live there either!