Live Love!

Live Love!

Ever noticed what’s going on around you?  Pay attention to life for just one day and you will discover something very interesting.  You will discover that people are pretty selfish and when I say people I am including myself and you in the people.  If we are honest, then we have to admit that yes sometimes “I am very selfish!”

Keep looking and listening and you will discover that people are searching.  You and I are searching and often, we don’t even realize it.  Once we begin to realize that we are searching, then it’s often even harder to figure out what we are searching for.

Watch close enough and you will notice that people are silly.  The stuff that we stress about, is usually not something that we can do anything about.  We speak of love, but we don’t really understand it!  The things that we think we are an authority on, we really aren’t very good at.

I am selfish.  I don’t want to be and I don’t really mean to be, but I know that I am.  I also know that my selfishness gets in the way of me experiencing all that I was created for.  Being honest about my challenge is the first step to recovery and healing, but I have to remember that it is just the first step and there are many more to take.

I am searching.  Sometimes I think I have the map and I think I know exactly what the pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow, but usually it ends up being a mirage that this world has gotten me distracted with.  I am beginning to realize that a lot of my searching is just searching that tricks me into actually believing that I am accomplishing something with all of my searching.  If I am going to search that it needs to be with a purpose of finding what I was created for, because this is where fulfillment flows from.

I am silly.  Sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes this is a bad thing.  Sometimes my being silly is fun, productive and a blessing.  At others times, it is distracting, hurtful and totally un-beneficial.  I am silly when I know something, but do not let the something that I know impact and grow me in a positive and productive way.  It’s silly to waste life playing the games that we get caught up in.

What I know that challenges me in each of these areas is this:  We were created by love, in love and for love.  This changes everything, so don’t miss out on what your Creator is up to, by letting selfishness get in the way.  Searching is not a bad thing, but if we spend all of our time searching, then we miss what is really important.  Being silly can be fun, but it also can be destructive, if it causes us to have the wrong focus.

Live Love!  You will be glad you do!  Blessings!