We live in a very different and continually changing world.  As followers of Christ, we have a responsibility to experience, share and grow in grace.  Sometimes we are pretty good at this and at other times, we are lacking big time.  We don’t want to be judged, but are pretty quick to judge others.

The real challenge comes in the area of what we say versus what we do.  We are pretty good at throwing around the spiritual words, but the words mean nothing, if they are not backed up with actions.  We can’t share grace without love and we can’t grow love without grace.

People are hungry and starving in our world today.  And their hunger is for more than physical food.  People are hungry for spiritual connection and purpose, and often without even being aware of their need.  This is why spiritual community where love and grace are allowed to flow is so important.

If you have not already, take time to find a spiritual community that you can be a part of.  Make sure that you are receiving and giving love and grace – allowing it to flow into and through your life to others.  Be different and grow in the change that is all around you!  You will be glad you did!