Trust For The Moment!

One Moment At A TIme!

Problems are a reality of life.  We don’t like them and we do our best to avoid them, but live life long enough and you are going to have your fair share.  The big problem with problems is not so much our problems, but our trust.

If God allows a problem to come into our life, then we can count on the fact that He knows about us and our problem and He has a plan.  I think that sometimes God allows the problems to flow into and through our lives, so that we might have the opportunity to trust in Him more and better.

We often think of trust as a one time event, but it is really an ongoing thing that allows me to grow in my relationship.  Trusting God means that we stay close to Him and responsive to His will.  This is not our natural response, and so this is something that we have to work at.

To grow our trust, we must exercise our faith in Him and His plans and this will grow our trust as we learn to walk with Him moment by moment and day by day.  This does not mean that we have not and will not ever get hurt.  Hurt is actually one of the motivations that helps us to turn away from self and toward Him.

It’s easy to trust God in some situations and hard to trust God in others.  I want to learn to trust Him in all situations, not just some.  I don’t have to understand everything or have all the answers to trust and when I trust, His presence and power is guaranteed.

Lord, Help me to get through this day, through this moment, trusting You.  Give me what I need to live victoriously according to Your plans.  I want to depend on You, I need to depend on You, so in this moment I give myself to You and leave the next moment to You!