Spring Water Festival & Lessons From My Town!

Special Memories!

Today I will make my annual trek back to a place that I love, the place that I call home.  I was blessed to grow up in a very cool little town called Williamston. I love my town and all of the people who helped to make it special for me growing up!  Today is the annual Spring Water Festival.

A festival that celebrates the founding of the town by West Allen Williams.  The story goes that one day while riding across some of his land, he became tired, laid down to rest for a few moments and fell asleep.  While he was sleeping he had a dream about a spring that people from all around would come and drink from and experience healing and miracles.  When he woke up from his dream, he found the spring in his dream and you know the rest of the story – a town grew up around it.

That spring is still there and folks are still drinking out of it.  It is has been surrounded for years by a beautiful park that family and friends have enjoyed celebrating at, for as long as I can remember.  I have more special memories there than I can count.  It was a special and magical place for me growing up as a boy and I still love being there today.

Back when I was getting ready to leave Williamston and head off to college, I remember Leo Glasby, one of the older and wiser men in our community saying to me: “Don’t ever forget where you come from!” He was reminding me to always remember and be influenced by who I was, not what I was becoming! He knew then, what I am just now beginning to learn, and that is this: Our value is not something out there waiting to be earned!  We are valuable right here and right now, not because of who or what we are going to be, but because of what we already are:  A unique. one of a kind, special creation of God!

Don’t Forget Where You Come From!  We were and are sinners – people lost without any real or meaningful direction, but with Jesus we are sinners saved by Grace – people that now have a special gift that they never dreamed or imagined possible! The devil wants us, but He can’t have us, because we belong to God and His Kingdom. I am not of this world, I am only passing through. I am headed back to where I came from! I came from God and I am headed back to God and every day I get a little closer, a little more fulfilled and a little more excited about all that I am right now, right here today!

One of the exciting things about going back to Williamston is getting to see family and friends.  God created us as special in this life, so that we could share the specialness with special people!  I am looking forward to seeing some special folks today in Williamston!