What To Remember When You Hurt!


Life is hard and we all know what it is like to feel pain.  At some point in your life, you are going to be faced with a hurt that you don’t know what to do with.  When that hurt comes knocking at your door, it is important to remember what to remember!  Here are ten things to remember:

1. God Is In Control!  You may not understand, but you don’t have to understand.  The important thing is that you believe.  Faith unlocks the door for the supernatural power of God to flow into and through your situation.

2.  Something Better Is Coming!  When we are hurt, it is almost impossible for us to think about that something better is coming, but there is always another miracle waiting for us just around the corner.

3.  There Is A Purpose!  We don’t know why, but there is a reason.  God does not make bad things happen, but He does sometimes allow bad things to happen.  When we are hurt, we have a perfect opportunity to decide if we are going to trust Him or not.

4.  You Are Loved!  God loves you and you have family and friends that love you.  When we are hurt, the love of others seems far away or non-existent, but it is there.  We just can’t see it or we will not allow ourselves to experience it.

5.  God Is There!  You may not see Him, hear Him or feel Him, but He is there.  God is everywhere at all times and when you are hurting, He is with you.  Make sure that you look for him, listen for him and you will eventually feel the comfort of His touch.

6.  You Are Not Alone!  It may seem that you are all alone, but you are never alone.  God is always with you and often other people are with you too.  We often fail to realize who and what we have, until it’s too late.

7.  Prayer Is Powerful!  We often pray as a last resort.  When we are hurting, we need to make sure that we are working to stay in constant communication with God.  You may not have any idea what to say and that is okay.  Just take some time to talk with God and make sure that you are listening, because He will speak.

8.  This May Be New to You, But It’s Not New!  When we are hurting, we may be experiencing something that we have never experienced before.  Just because we have not experienced the hurt, does not mean that it’s new.  The truth is this:  Others have experienced it and survived and you will too.

9.  Others Are Hurting Too!  A lot of times when we are hurting, we are totally oblivious that there is anyone else in the world.  The reality of life is that other people are hurting too and it may be that you are the very one to help someone through their hurt, so pay attention.

10.  There Is Stuff Worth Remembering!  These are just a few of the things that we need to remember when we are hurting.  When life begins to hit you with hurts that seem to be taking you down for the count, remember what to remember and be amazed at the healing that begins to take place.

Lord, I pray for my friends that are hurting today.  Please be with them and help them to remember what to remember, so that they might experience your healing and move from hurt to happiness as they trust in You…