It Begins And Ends With God!

Now We’re Going Somewhere!

A couple of years ago, God began to give me a vision for a ministry that would allow the church to reach out of its comfort zone and share love in a real and powerful way by sharing God’s gift of grace.

I did not have any idea at the time about all that God was up to.  I just had what I thought was a simple vision that I knew I could not accomplish on my own.  I shared the idea with a handful of people who I was on spiritual journey with at our church.  Most all of them encouraged me to go forward and many of them offered their help.

We started to take steps to turn the dream into reality and in a short couple of weeks, We began to see what God had shown me in my head and heart start to happen in real life.  I don’t really know why God brought me to the place or showed me the vision for this ministry, although I am learning something new everyday.

I am more than unworthy to be entrusted with such an amazing responsibility.  I have messed up much more than I have succeeded at, but I am learning that God gives not because we deserve, but because He loves, forgives and restores!  (It has more to do with Him than it does me!)

God continues to give vision and what began as a simple ministry of outreach has and is growing into a spiritual community that almost everyday experiences the supernatural.  At Grace Place, people ask us all the time:  “Why do you do this?”  There are probably a lot of different answers to that question, the most common of which is simply this:  “God’s grace has and is changing and growing our lives and we want to share it with others because we believe that it can change and grow other people’s lives as well.”

It all begins and ends with God and this is why I have to keep reminding myself:  “This is not about me, this is about God and His glory!”  Thank You God for the promise you made in 2 Corinthians 12:9  “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  Please help me to live in the power and grace of Your Word!