It Does Not Matter What You Say!

You are special and you need to know and remember that you are special.  You are special because God created you and has an amazing plan for your life.  Do not allow anyone to take this reality away from you, especially the enemy.

My Bible teaches me that I am God’s family, adopted as a child of the King.  It teaches me that we are friends, we get to walk and talk together everyday and will spend all eternity together.  It teaches me that I am free, because I have been bought and redeemed at a great price.  It teaches me that I am filled with the Holy Spirit, which means that God flows into and through me.  It teaches me that I am forgiven, not because I’ve earned it or deserve it, but because God’s grace is amazing and His mercy is sweet.

We need to learn to remind ourself, others and the devil everyday that “I am who God says that I am and it does not matter what you say!”  Go ahead, say it out loud.  Now say it again, c’mon – say it like you mean it!

Now believe it, live it and watch God do incredible and amazing things in, through and with your life.