This Is It!

Don't Miss Your Opportunity!

This idea that God has created us on purpose for His purpose has really taken hold of my heart and is growing me to a whole new place of understanding and living.  I was created by God on purpose, I am not an accident.  I was saved by Jesus for a purpose, that I might be filled with the Holy Spirit of God, so that I might be a witness of God and His incredible and amazing power!

In Acts 13:36 it says:  “After David had done the will of God in His own generation, he died and was buried.”  Wow!  After he had done what he was created to do, he died and was buried.  That’s it.

The fact that we are still here means that God is not finished with us yet.  We have not fully accomplished what we were created for.  Time is running out.  None of us are getting any younger and there is still a lot of work to do.

Lord,  I do not have any idea what amazing things you have to unfold in front of me, but I know that whatever they are, in them there is an amazing opportunity to make a difference for you by reaching out with Your love and relationship to a desperately lost, hurt and dying world.  Please help me to see the need and to react with love and grace that gives glory to You and blessing to others.  Help me to be Your hands and feet.  Help me to let Your Spirit flow into and through my life as I seek to fulfill the plan that I was created for.  In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.