A Work Of Art!

A Work In His Hands!

What would happen if you really believed that God created you to be His witness, so that you could change this world for His glory?  Would that change the way you live, the things you say and the things you do?  You bet it would and it does!

We are ordinary and this is what allows God to be extraordinary in and through us.  There are social needs all around us crying out for a touch of the supernatural.  There are growing spiritual needs that challenge all of us to be and do more of what we were created for.

God is our Creator and we are His work of art!  God takes what is ordinary, lifeless and often ugly and does what only He can do – turn us into something extraordinary, alive and beautiful.

God is into raising eyebrows and opening people’s mouths.  God is into taking hopeless and turning it into hopeful.  God is into chasing away the darkness with the bright light of His presence.  God is into making death come crashing out of the grave alive and well.

When God steps into our lives, despair, darkness and depression must step out!  What looks like the end to most people, is really just another beginning with God.  You are more than just a work of art, you are a masterpiece.  Stop living in the limitations of man and start living in the grand expectations of Almighty God!

Isaiah 64:8 says: “Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.”

Lord,  You created me, formed me from nothing into something.  You redeemed me, took my life of no value and gave it value beyond comprehension.  You took what was dead and made it alive.  Please help me to see, understand, believe and realize that I was created in Christ to do good works that change this world that I live in for Your glory.  Help me to grab hold of what You created me for and to never let go.  May my life lived in submission to You, bring blessing to others and glory to You!