Take The Time!

Take It!

Every have one of those weeks when everything you planned didn’t really matter?  Someone pushed the gas pedal on your week and all you could do was hold on and hope to survive?

This has been one of those weeks for me.  I had all kinds of things on my agenda that I needed to get done.  At the beginning of the week, I thought this was going to be one of those amazing weeks.  The kind where you get so many things accomplished and I was very excited about  jumping in and getting it done.

Monday hit and within the first couple of hours, I was already way off the track that I had planned to be on.  And with every hour and day that passed, I lost track of my plans as they floated out of sight.  I was thinking last night:  “I have not done anything that I planned to do this week!”  But I don’t feel bad and I am not frustrated, because while I did not get any of the things accomplished that I had planned and hoped on accomplishing, I did get a lot of ministry done.

Most of my accomplishments this week came from running from one person to another.  I did not really feel like I did much for me or for them, but the Spirit is teaching me that it’s not always in what I can see.  There are so many hurting, lonely and frustrated people out there and many of them are our family and friends.   The important thing is that I was willing to take the time to have a conversation, share a touch or try and meet a need.  We often get so busy with our living out the pursuit of our own personal agendas that we miss the opportunities that are begging for our attention and focus.

Take the time to step out of your plans and into the possibility of being used by God to help someone know that He loves them and has an amazing plan for their life.  The beautiful thing about doing this, is you start to tap into the love and amazing plan He has for your life too, and this is never a waste of time!


3 thoughts on “Take The Time!”

  1. definitely start EVERY sunday with that expectation then it gets to the next sunday and i realise that in fact nothing has been achieved! but i realise how many people i have had amazing conversations with and how others have taken the time to talk to me, i go out of my way to help people and know that it does more good compared with the things that i had planned 🙂 hope you are still smiling x

  2. you may not have gotten any of your plans done but you got all of God’s plans done and that’s more important. God bless you Michael Joe. Please pray that my church here, who is looking for a pastor, will find someone like you who is lead by and completely surrendered to the spirit of God. I have seen you poured out like water before the Lord and I know He will lift you up and strengthen you each day. My prayers are with you and your family. With Love, your sister in Christ

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