Do You Care Where People Will Spend Eternity?


“Do you really care where people will spend eternity?” I posted this question on Facebook last week and was a little surprised by the response.  Some responded with a simple yes.  Some responded enthusiastically, but with an excuse attached.  Some responded with the explanation that they have room for improvement.  Most did not respond at all – which may be the most telling of all!

I started thinking about this question last week, because sometimes in my effort to try and care about – where people will spend eternity and in my efforts to try and do something about it, I get bogged down. It’s not that I don’t care, it that sometimes I care so much that my focus gets all messed up, I get lost and become ineffective to really do anything about it!

Just asking myself this question – helps me to get my focus back right. We know what our answer should be.  We should care and the reason that many of us are afraid to answer the question is because we know that following the “yes” answer is another question – “What are you doing about it?” We don’t answer the first question, because we are really afraid of the second question, because the second question may just reveal that our answer to the first question was not true! (Go back and read that three times fast!)

If we really care about where people will spend eternity, then it has to change our lives and the way we live them! When we focus on getting this question right, We are a better people.  This question challenges us and challenge is not a bad thing, if we are willing to change and grow!

In thinking about this all weekend, I finally came to this place.  Maybe we need to start by asking ourselves this question:  “Do you care where you will spend eternity?” If you care where you will spend eternity, then you will care where others spend eternity.  Think about it and let the Spirit grow you in some amazing ways this week!  G3!


2 thoughts on “Do You Care Where People Will Spend Eternity?”

  1. I believe every true Christian deeply cares for where people will spend eternity. The question you posed scares even some Christians because they are not 100% absolutely sure of it themselves. If you or I are were not 100% sure of our eternity we would feel uncomfortable talking to others about theirs wouldn’t we? Explains a lot doesn’t it. We must be sure so we can help others be sure. As for what we are doing? We are but the seed sowers in God’s eternal garden of life. Who can know for sure how many seeds we plant in the souls of those we touch will grow? Surely many will grow and mature, and just as surely some will not. But, once our seeds have landed on fertile ground, God will nourish them and grow them as He wills. It is our job to sow, and sow, ans sow some more. Never tiring of planting seeds. We will only know how well we have done when we here “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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