Sunday Rewind!

It’s been another sweet Sunday at Northwood!  God blessed us with a very meaningful and thought-provoking time of worship!  We then took a look at the Word and were reminded of some of the great blessings that God allows to flow into our lives!

We are blessed with Transformation!  God changes us from the inside out, from physical to spiritual beings.  God helps me to become something better than I could ever dream or imagine!

We are blessed with Love!  God is love and He loves us by giving us the ability to receive and share His love!  We share His love by loving Him back, by loving each other and by loving others!

We are blessed with prayer!  We get to have conversation with God.  We can talk with Him and we can listen to Him.  We have to step out of the flesh and into the Spirit to take part in this conversation!

Tonight we had a great time remembering the seven membership commitments, taking time to meet our deacons and enjoy some great food and fellowship with one another!

We are blessed to be a part of an amazing fellowship!  God is good!  Be sure to G3!  GIVE GOD GLORY!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Rewind!”

  1. Do you have the link for the video you showed in church yesterday? We loved it and would love to watch/listen again!

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