Created For What?

Created For Relationship!

Out of love  – You were created to love and be loved!  In happiness – You were created to get and give happiness!  Through generosity you were created to give and receive generously!  You were created to be forgiven, so that you might forgive!  You were created to trust and be trusted!   You are not an accident or a freak of nature.  You are a living, breathing, special creation of God.

The world that we live in causes us to miss these grand simple pleasures of our Creator.  We are confused about who we are and what we are to do, but get so caught up in our own egos, that I pride keeps us from doing anything of merit!

If we are not careful, we become isolated and begin to devalue the most basic of human values.  We were created for relationship.  We need to do life with others.  Scientific fact had revealed through reams of data that intimacy with others is necessary to sustain a good and productive life.

There is an amazing healing available in relationship.  Taking the time to laugh with others, cry with others, touch and be touched by others can bring physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  We were created to relate.  We were created to take care of one another as family.  We were created to walk through life in meaningful friendship.  We were created to come together with others and blend into something more meaningful and powerful, as we live in commitment to one another’s well-being!

You were not created for hate, for hate is the absence of love!  You were not created for fear, for fear is the absence of faith!  You were not created for loneliness, for loneliness is the absence of togetherness!  You were not created for hurt, because hurt is the absence of healing!

You have a choice to make!  You can do what you were created to do, or you can keep going wherever the world pushes you.  You can experience the blessing and fulfillment that flow from living according to a higher purpose or take what you get from being manipulated by the world that you live in!  It’s your choice – you decide!


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