Are You Hungry?

"Where's The Beef?"

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,  for they will be filled.”  Matthew 5:6

When you get hungry enough, you will get something to eat! We need to grow our hunger for God and the things of God!  If you have ever lived in His presence and power, then you know that this is the place that you want to go back to!

Time is important! And what you do with your time will show who and what you really love!  If you are really hungry for God, then you will take and make time to spend with Him.  He will be more important than anything else!  Spending time with God is not optional for the person who is hungry for God, if they seek to have their hunger satisfied!

Invest Your Time Wisely! Find a good church, not a building, but people who you can help and who help you to be your best for God!  Become a part of that church by being there and participating and helping it to do it work in bringing glory to God.  Take time everyday at the beginning of the day to get your heart and life focused on God and His Word.  Take time to talk to Him and listen for Him!  Keep a record of what you say to Him and what He says back to you!

If you are hungry, there is food to satisfy, but you have got do your part, if you expect to be filled!