Sunday Night Rewind!

We still have one more Sunday in this incredible last month of one of the most amazing years of ministry that I have been blessed with the privilege of being a part of.  It really has been a very special gift to see how God has worked in the life and ministry of our church during the past six months.

While there has been more than enough challenges, there has also been an abundance of blessings and growth.  And while there has been some tough, hard pruning and some loss that we have had to endure, there has also been some sweet, miraculous spiritual growth and blessing that we continue to experience on an ongoing basis!

Here are a few highlights from my day as a pastor of such a great church!

*Excellent time in Bible Fellowship today! Walked in a little late and prayer request time had already begun.  As usual God had already started preparing us for the lesson He had in store!  Love my BF Group and really do enjoy our time of learning and growing from each other!  May it be as God has said!

*Worship is always special and with the Christmas music – had a little extra sweetness to it today! Thankful for the team of so many people who are willing to work hard to share their God-given talents to make each week special and meaningful!  Great music + challenging Word = Changed Lives And God’s Glory!

*Grace Place Team Blessed Me! Was blessed by the team that stayed at the Grace Place Campus to support me in sharing the Word, even though there was the temptation of fried turkey and smoked ham waiting for most of them at the NW Campus!  Really means a lot to me (more than you can know) when you support me!  Also thankful that I have people who I can call on that can help me, so that I can be in two places at one time!  Thanks David & Tonya for helping out at GP with the shoppers today!

*Yummo Lunch! Great time of fellowship with Pathfinders Bible Fellowship Group at their Christmas lunch.  Amazed and thankful for the spiritual family feel that we all get to share with each other.  Let’s not ever take for granted this great gift God has given us!  (All the food was great!)

*Powerful performance tonight by Northwood Worship Choir And Drama Team! Serving God is fun and I am glad that so many in the NW family have had the opportunity to experience that fun tonight and over the past several weeks.  Proof that our hard work will pay off in more ways than one!

I know I say it a lot, but I really do mean it!  I love each of you and I am thankful that we get to do life and ministry together!  God Bless, G3!, 24/7!