Dealing With Sin!

The hard truth that we all know, but hate to admit is that we are sinners!  We do things that we are not supposed to do and we fail to do things that we should!  Our sin separates us from our Holy and perfect Creator!

The issue is not:  Do I have sin?  The issue is:  What am I going to do about my sin? Here are three tips to help get us started as we close out one year and begin a new one!

Tip #1 – Don’t Leave Sin Unresolved! It is not sin that destroys people’s lives.  It is unresolved, un-confessed and un-repented of sin that really does the damage!  God loves you and desires to forgive, cleanse and restore you.  Get honest with yourself, others and God and experience the freedom that He has for you!

Tip #2 – Don’t Excuse Sin! You can justify and ease your mind, but there is still a price and a consequence!  Pretending that it does not exist and does not have consequences, will not cause the consequences to go away.  Don’t excuse it – deal with it, before it deals with you!

Tip #3 – Don’t Punish Yourself! You don’t have to beat yourself up!  You messed up and so does everybody else.  Just admit your sin, ask for forgiveness and activate your faith to accomplish the great things that you were created for!

I hope this helps!!!