Walking Out Of Darkness Into Light!

Dark To Light!

“For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light!”  Ephesians 5:8

There was a time that I was darkness!  I was depressed, disgusting and disoriented to living in a way that had any redeemable qualities!  I was pessimistic, negative and argumentative!  I was unhappy, but pretended and even convinced myself, that I was happy!  Life was a big fat series of “nothing moments” that added up to a big waste.  I was only interested in myself and could care less about others, until I met Him!

He changed my life!  When I met Him, my darkness was revealed and in my darkness, I could see all of the broken relationships, torn connections and wasted years.  My life had been hopeless, but only just for a moment in the grand scheme of time.  When He came into my life, I could see the waste, feel the worthlessness and knew that I wanted and needed to change.

In Him, I became light!  The darkness was chased away and with it, all of the junk!  I now have the choice as light to live in light every moment of every day of my life!  I get to be the light that has made such a difference in my life!  This is a very special gift, and it’s not just for me.  It’s for you, so step out of the darkness and into the light and enjoy the beauty of this very special day!