Merry Christmas!

I have just finished making a fresh batch of hot country ham biscuits and am just waiting on my girls to wake up!  Sitting here at my desk, I can see the Christmas tree with its many colors, the spread from Santa on the couch and love seat and still smell the smell of cooked breakfast in the air.  We are very blessed!  We live in a warm, comfortable and cozy home!  We have more than we need and often more than we want!  I am discovering the older I get, that I really am a simple man.  It does not take near what I used to think it would take to make and keep me happy!

Thank You God for life!  Thank You for making a way, where there was no way!  Thank You for giving what I could not give!  Thank You for family and help me to do a better job loving and guiding them during this next year!  Thank You for friends, the ones that are close and getting closer and the ones that are going to be made just around the corner!  Thank You for purpose and the fulfillment that flows through it!  Thank You for giving me time to reflect and be thankful!

I hope you have a little time today to be thankful for the many gifts that God has blessed you with!  Merry Christmas & May you have a blessed new year!