Southern Sayings That Say Something!

Growing up in the south is pretty cool!  I was thinking last night of some of the phrases that I heard growing up, that seem to be disappearing.  I thought it might be fun to remember a few every now and then, so here goes a few.  If you enjoy, I’ll do some more in a few weeks!

“He’s so clumsy he’d trip over a cordless phone!” Ever had one of these days?  Seems like everything you start to do ends up taking a whole lot more energy and effort than planned.  On those clumsy days, just stay after it, because things will eventually turn around!

“That’s about as handy as a back pocket on a shirt!” There are some things and some people who just don’t seem to be much help at all!  Some of the things and people who are supposed to make life easier, actually make life harder!  I am going to try real hard, not to be one of those people!

“Don’t go off with your pistol half cocked!” I’m guilty of this one!  You need to get all of the facts and complete information, before you go jumping to conclusions!  I could save myself a lot of heartache, if I would listen more, act less and patiently allow God to do His thing!

“We better git on the stick!” This means we’ve got work to do and only a little time to get it completed!  We church folks need to have this as our motto!  We are closer than we have ever been and we better make sure that we are ready and doing everything that we can to help others to get ready too!

“Fish or cut bait!” Don’t just stand around!  Get in and get busy!  There is work to be done and there is not time for anyone to stand around with their hands in their pockets!  You can either catch or help others to catch up, but if you want supper, then there is work to be done!

Hope you enjoyed these and there are a lot more from where I grew up!