This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Psalms 118:24

Today is what you’ve got!  Yesterday is past and tomorrow is not promised!  Don’t get stuck in the rut of the past and don’t get lost in the daydreams of the future!  Live the life that God has given you right now in this moment and get the most from it!

Some times we so concern ourselves with the future that we miss the joy of today.  Today slips right past us, without our even realizing that it has gone.  Don’t worry about the future and stop yearning for what you hope is better over the next horizon.

Take today, live it, enjoy it and make life better in the here and now!  Stop putting off living in the here and now, because you are so focused on what might happen one day in the there and yonder!  You are missing life, hoping to one day live life – that’s sad and dumb!

At times we fail to get the most out of today, because we have allowed ourselves to get stuck in the past.  We regret things that have happened as we dwell on things that are over and done with!  The past is behind you – do what you can about your mistakes, learn from them and move on!  Once the past is past, the only thing that you can do about it, is learn from it!

Live today – today!  You possibly have the next 24 hours – what are you going to do with those hours?  How do you plan to invest or waste those hours?  Will you use those hours to make life better?  You get to make the choice about how you will spend those hours.  The minutes that you are living right now are currency you can use to buy happiness, fulfillment and purpose!  Get the most out of your minutes, enjoy the differences of every hour and make every day count!

Right Now!  Stop reading, start living and enjoy it, because this moment is God’s gift to you and what you do with it, is your gift to God!


2 thoughts on “TODAY!”

  1. When it’s to late and your somedays have all come and gone, will you be able to look back with no regrets at the choices you made? For the somedays you put off, for the time never spent? Or, will you look back only to find, that the choices you made, the time you spent was just to survive and you never learned to live?


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