You Make The Choice!

You Make The Choice!

There are some things in life that you get to make the choice about!  You can choose to:

1.  LOVE, rather than hate! Your Creator loves you and He created you to love too!  Don’t waste your time and energy in hate, instead make the time to love.  It will make a difference in your life and through your life in the lives of others!

2.  SMILE, rather than frown! They say it takes less muscles to smile than to frown!  I say:  Even if it takes more muscles to smile – smile anyway.  It makes people think you know something they don’t!

3.  BUILD, rather than destroy! You can make life better or bitter!  Too many people walk through this life on a mission of tearing down, instead make sure that you use your energy to build up.  At first you may go to people, but eventually they will come to you!

4.  PERSEVERE, rather than quit! You have not lost as long as you keep on going!  Don’t give up!  If it does not kill you, then it is making you stronger.  Face whatever it is that you have to face and get ready to enjoy the victory that is ultimately coming your way.  Even if you can’t see it, stay after it – you will get there!

5.  PRAISE, rather than gossip! You can focus on the good or get stuck in the bad and often untrue!  Don’t waste your energy and talents on talking about other people.  Look for the good in everyone and talk about that good to them and others!

6.  HEAL, rather than hurt! You can make it better or you can make it worse!  In life, you will encounter situations and people.  You will have the opportunity to either add to or take away from the joy of their living.  Always seek to heal by adding to their joy and growing their blessing!

7.  GIVE, rather than take! You have something to add, figure that out and everybody wins!  What has your Creator given you, that you can give to others?  Always think about the value that you add when you walk into the picture!

8.  ACT, rather than do nothing! Don’t just watch life pass you by, jump in and get involved.  Get off the couch, out of the recliner and do something to make life better for you and for others!  Everybody has something to give.  What is your something?

9.  FORGIVE, rather than grudge! You can can make the choice to be controlled or to take control.  When we forgive, we are in control and life for everybody is better.  You will never ever be truly happy, until you get rid of the resentment that holds you back and ties you down!

10.  PRAY, rather than worry! There is a lot that you will face in life, that you will have absolutely no control over.  Make sure that you talk to and believe in the ability of your Creator to do what you cannot!  Pray and talk with Him.  Just getting it out, helps more than we can know.  And it also begins the process for miracles to happen!


One thought on “You Make The Choice!”

  1. This was good. Thank you. I printed it. Some of it sounds so easy but is just missing for me. Why does it seem like being happy is a scary place sometimes?
    It seems like you have to not care to not let things get you down.

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