Seven Excuses To Pray!

Prayer is having conversation with God.  In prayer we talk to and listen for God!  The words do not have to be fancy, just from our heart.  Most of us know that we need to pray, but often do not take the time to actually do it!  Here are seven excuses to pray!

1.) It brings you closer to God! There are two things that will grow your relationship with God better than anything else in the world.  His Word and prayer!  When we pray, we change positions and move closer to God and the things of God!

2.) It gives you a bigger perspective! One of our greatest unseen enemies is limited perspective.  When we talk to God, He broadens our horizons and allows us to see how much greater everything can and should be!

3.) It helps you to feel better! Just talking with God and hearing His gentle and reaffirming whisper help us to know that everything is going to be alright!  It helps us to let go and get out from under the weight of our burdens!

4.) It allows you to let go! When we talk to God, We have confidence that He is in control and we are able to open our hands and heart, let go and trust God to take care of us and ours!  Open hands and heart are ready to receive!

5.) It encourages others! Praying helps us to be where we need to be, so that our family, friends and even strangers get a reassurance from God’s presence and power flowing into and through our lives!

6.) It reminds you of what you need to remember! It is easy in the busyness of life to get distracted!  Prayer pulls us back to the center of God’s will and helps us to be where we need to be, so that our heart and mind can be reminded of what is really important!

7.) It works! When we pray, our praying changes things!  Most importantly, our prayer changes us!  Take some time to pray today, just make an excuse and go ahead and do it!  You and others will be amazed at the difference it will make!