What I Learned About Waiting While Waiting!

My life up to this point has been one big rush!  It’s been a rush, because I hate to wait!  I can’t stand having to wait!  I am just not good at waiting!  Often, when I am in a hurry to get somewhere or to get something done; and I get stuck behind someone or something that causes me to have to wait, I can’t help but to get frustrated.  In my frustration I begin to think about why is this so frustrating?

I have started asking myself this question:  Why are you in such a hurry?  You are not running late, and you are not under a deadline, but you are getting irritated, frustrated and for what?  As I answer this question, I see that I am my own worst enemy!  I get in the way of myself!  My hate for “wait” actually gets in the way of my aligning my life with what is really important!  In my anxious frustration, I actually miss the good things of life.  They pass me by and I am totally unaware, because my focus is in the wrong place and on the wrong thing!

The next time you find yourself in a “waiting position”, make sure that you don’t waste or abuse your wait, instead get whatever it is that you are supposed to get from it!  Waiting does not have to be a bad thing, unless you choose to make it a bad thing!  You have the power!