Sweet Treat Sunday Rewind!

I started this rewind several times last night, but I was just too tired, emotional and excited.  I was all over the place and in a lot worse way than my usual self.  I finally decided around midnight to just go to sleep and try again in the morning, so here I am and here it is!

Yesterday was another incredible Sunday in the life of a church called Northwood, but wait, doesn’t it seem like we say that every week?  Sunday was great, but all of our Sunday’s are great.  I catch myself thinking that the Sundays seem to get better and better, but then there is this thought that there was something wrong with the Sunday before and that’s just not the case!

Maybe it’s not that the Sundays are getting better and better, but that we are getting better and better at appreciating what God does for and gives to us on Sunday after Sunday!


-Began the morning by thinking about the fact that there is a lot of activity at Northwood.  And it is not just busy activity.  This activity represents ministry!

-Thought about all of the people who just come, but don’t get involved, especially long time attenders.  I can’t help but feel sorry for them, because they just don’t know what they are missing!

-Had a great time in our Bible Fellowship Class!  This is a great group of men and women and it is incredible how God uses each of us to teach and encourage one another.  I am so excited about how this group has the potential to impact lives!

-Morning worship was great!  Surprised and I shouldn’t be at how the Holy Spirit has everything planned out to fit hand in glove.  When the worship was planned, not a one of us had any idea that I would be announcing a special gift to the church, but was reminded that God knew it all alone when we sang “How Great Thou Art!” and the choir reminded us that “He’s An On Time God!”

-Thankful for both campuses!  Glad that I have spiritual family that is thankful and willing to give of themselves to make it happen.  So very excited about what God is up to and the possibilities that lay in front of us!

-I think that every message the Lord allows me to preach is the most important message that I have ever preached, but the message yesterday was one that every Northwooder needs to hear, take to heart and put into practice.  We need to put it into practice, because not a one of us have got this thing perfected!  And isn’t it great that God offers us these opportunities for improvement, growth and blessing!

-Had to run to two hospitals to spend a little time with a couple of sweet ladies.  Thankful that I was able to be away from Northwood and know that everything for Sweet Treat was progressing as planned because we have a great team of fellow ministers!  In this day when a lot of guys just want to preach and lead, I am still thankful that God has put in my heart a desire for it all.  I love to preach, but am really blessed that I get to pastor and blessed to have people around me that make it all possible!

-On my way in, I ran by Sams and grabbed extra candy, but that would not be enough!  Sweet Treat saw our largest crowd and they were there early.  At one point we had people wrapped around both sides of the education building!  We had well over 100 treat stops and the smile on my face should have told you that I was relieved and very happy!  We had a lot of very good help inside and out!  My only concern at this point was candy!  Glad Jim could make the run and get back just in time!  Once we opened the lines, everything worked just like it was planned – God has taught us a thing or two about BIG EVENT ministry and we have learned and are learning!

-At the end of the night, we actually had Northwooders asking what do you need us to do before we go?  It was beautiful to watch as we all worked together to take it all down and put it back into place, so that the ministry of the church could continue without any hindrances!

-It was another great day and night in the ministry of a church that many of us have come to know and love as Northwood – The Place Of Right Direction!  I am so thankful that God is teaching us to find and travel in right direction and amazed at how He allows us to help others to find right direction too!

Thank you so much for all that you do!  When each of us are obedient to God’s calling upon our lives, He will bring us together and allow us “together” to do things that we could never do a part!

God Bless, Press On & G3!