Three Beliefs To Shape Your Life!

I think of myself as just an ordinary guy!  Nothing really special about me, other than my spiritual connection with my Creator and my desire to try to make life better!  Sometimes people will comment on my wisdom, which really makes me laugh on the inside.  Some people think I have an ego, which is also funny, because in a lot of ways, I sometimes have a very low self-esteem and don’t consider myself that important of a person.

I like to be real and put it all out there.  The reality about me, is that I am a screw-up.  If I have any wisdom at all, it is because God has blessed me with it, through my making and learning from my mistakes.  (By the way, I am still making them, so I guess that God still has a lot for me to learn!)  I do sometimes think that I am something special, but it really has nothing to do with me, it’s just that I know and believe that God lives in and through me!

I say all of that to say this:  Often times people will ask me:  How do you come up with your insights into life?  I was thinking about this a little last week and I’ve come up with three things I believe that help to shape who I am, how I see life and the way that I live and learn from it!  I hope they encourage, help and bless you!

1.)  Life’s Greatest Education And Growth Comes From A Willingness To Learn New Things! I don’t know it all and I never will.  Every person that I have ever met has something to teach me, if I am paying attention and am willing to learn!  I try to open myself up to learn new things, but must admit that this is easier said than done!  It takes hard and concentrated effort.  You can learn by accident, but the greatest lessons are learned on purpose and for a purpose!

2.)  It’s Not Having The Knowledge, It’s What You Do With The Knowledge You Do Have That Counts! Some say that “Knowledge Is Power!”  For knowledge to truly be powerful, you have to do more than have it, you have to use it and when we use it for good and blessing, it becomes even more powerful!  The great purpose of learning new things is sharing those things and the difference they can make with and for others!

3.) People Make The World Go Around – You Can’t Do Life Right Without Them! I like to remind myself that even the Lone Ranger was never really alone!  Our Creator created us for togetherness.  There are things that we can do and accomplish together that we could never accomplish apart!  Life is designed so that we get and give through one another!  The process just cannot work the way it is supposed to without each other!

Get your beliefs right and life will be amazing!  God Bless & G3!


One thought on “Three Beliefs To Shape Your Life!”

  1. You are very special. You matter to God and you matter to alot of people. What an influence you have been and still are to so many people. I know we are all still works in progress but I think you are tops. You are an amazing person. There’s no pretending in you. When you put it all out there, that just makes me love you even more. You da Man!!!! G3

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