2 thoughts on “Audio Post”

  1. This post is at the perfect time. My friend Kelly is facing huge mountains right now. I want to share those mountains so others can pray.

    She lost her oldest son in Iraq
    Her sister has a brain tumor that is slowly taking her life
    Her father was just diagnosed with esphogeal cancer that hs spread to bones and liver
    Her husband needs serious surgery on his back and both knees
    And kelly herself has a tumor on her thyroid. It is time for her annual biopsy. Pray for good results.

    Her family is a God loving family. They know there is a plan and purpose for all they are facing, but they are hitting it head on to find that purpose.Please pray for them as they face impending loss.

    1. Sometimes all of those hard knocks make it tough to keep our words positive! This is why it is so important to learn to speak God’s Word, so that when we don’t have any, God’s come through powerfully!

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