Sweet Treat Alley – Morning Edition!

GOOD MORNING!  I hope that everyone is doing great and living blessed!  We are going to have a great time of worship and some serious challenge from the Lord this morning, so I hope you are up and getting ready to come spend a little time with your Creator, Savior and Sustainer!

Tonight is Sweet Treat Alley and I wanted to remind everyone that we need candy and treat stop hosts!  (The more the better!)  Thanks to each of you who have already volunteered and thanks to you who will be!  THIS REALLY IS MINISTRY!  And it has the power to REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE in someone’s life!

Here are a few reminders for the evening: Don’t forget to bring with you a lawn chair, a bowl/container, and bags of candy to share with all of kids that will be visiting Sweet Treat Alley this year.  The candy that we have been collecting will be used to refill your bowl when you run out.

-Supper for Volunteers     5:15 P.M. We will start serving supper for all volunteers at 5:15 P.M.  You can come through the alley and drop off your chairs and the grab you a bite!

-Treat Stop Hosts and Volunteers In Place     6:00 P.M. We really need two lines and so it is important that we get everyone in place, so that we can make sure we have two fairly even lines.  This takes a little time and maneuvering.

-Sweet Treat Alley Begins     6:30 P.M. Put a big ole smile on your face and let the love of Jesus shine through!  See ministry can be fun!  I want you to know that I am praying for you and we are trusting God to do some wonderful things through this outreach event.  Thanks so much for your prayers, help and ministry!
God Bless, Press On & G3!  (GIVE GOD GLORY!)