Simple, But Powerful!

Right now!  From this very moment and for the rest of your life, I want you to remember and remind yourself constantly and continuously of these two things: “GOD LOVES YOU AND HAS AN AMAZING PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE!”

It does not matter where you have been, what side of the tracks you grew up on or even that your life – up to this point has been filled with mistakes, sins and failures!  It does not matter what you have or have not accomplished with your education, in your job or even in the goals that you had before today!

Right now in this very moment, God is offering you a most precious gift!  God is right now, offering to you the gift of a new beginning!  The only thing that matters and the only thing that counts is that right now, right here in this moment you are you and God created you because He loves you and has an amazing life for you!

The life that you have right now, even though you can’t see it – is filled with potential and opportunity!  There is no one else on the face of this planet who can be the you that God created you to be.  Think about and make sure that you get this today:  God (the Creator & Sustainer Of All Things) loves you (ordinary, plain & sometimes messed up) and He has an amazing plan for your life!

If and when you get this, then you will begin to dream!  Dreams are another magnificent gift that God gives to His creation!  Take time today to focus on and get this very simple, but powerful truth:  “GOD LOVES YOU AND HAS AN AMAZING PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE!”

2 thoughts on “Simple, But Powerful!”

  1. One of the great things about God is that He uses our shortcomings, our failures, our weaknesses as tools used to build that amazing life God has planned for us. Thanks for posting.

    1. Amazing how He does that! Maybe that’s part of the reason He told us not to judge, because He knows how to use even bad for good as we learn to trust and love Him!

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