Rekindle The Fire!

What has God done for you lately?  I often take for granted the things that God has done or is doing in my life.  I tend to get distracted by what is not happening and miss what is happening.  I am learning that my missing blessing is usually my fault!

I love to go camping and one of the things that I love about camping is having a camp fire!  One thing I’ve learned about a camp fire is that it can’t be ignored!  Every now and then, you have to rekindle the fire.  This is true in the relationships that make our life worth living!  Here are three steps that will help you to rekindle the fire in the relationships that make your life matter!

Step OneTake some time today to rekindle the fire in your relationship with God. God loves you and He created you for relationship!  He wants to know you and He wants you to know Him!  Spend a little bit of time today talking to and listening for God!  Just take the time to talk and listen and you will be amazed at how the relationship fires will begin to reignite!

Step TwoMake some time today to rekindle the fire in your relationships with family! If you are blessed with a spouse and children, then make sure that you are not taking them for granted.  Those simple things that you think about doing, but fail to do, can make a big difference in all of your lives!  Don’t just think about it – do it!  Just like a little stirring of the coals in a fire, making some time with family will help the fire to burn warmer and stronger for all of those around!

Step ThreeUse some time to rekindle the fire in your friendships! Even if it’s on Facebook or twitter!  The telephone company used to advertise:  “Reach Out And Touch Someone!”  This is easier than ever with the internet social networks, email and all of our gadgets.  Use some of your time today to intentionally reach out and touch some of your friends with some kind and encouraging words!  Just pick someone!  When you throw another log on the fire, it is sure to burn brighter!

You can do this and you will be glad you did, so get after it and have a blessed day!