Sunday Night Rewind!

I thought I would share just a few thoughts on another great Sunday at Northwood!

  • God obviously wanted us to get a message from HIM about GRACE!
  • Thankful for a Worship Team that plans worship under the leadership and in submission to the HOLY SPIRIT!
  • Was awesome and amazing seeing people receive and give forgiveness!
  • God gave us a lot to think about FORGIVENESS – here are a few highlights!
  • God can’t and won’t forgive you if you can’t and won’t forgive others!  Check out Matthew 6:14 & 15 if you don’t believe me!
  • The way you judge matters more than you think!  Matthew 7:12 teaches that “Your Standard Is Your Standard!”
  • You can’t even have a conversation with God if you have something against someone!  Again – Check our His Word:  Mark 11:25
  • Forgiveness initiates the process of restoration!  No forgiveness = no restoration!
  • Forgiveness cannot be earned or deserved!  You cannot earn or deserve it from God and others cannot and should not have to earn or deserve it from you!
  • Joseph forgave his brothers and told them in Genesis 50:20 “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”
  • Forgiveness says:  “I trust God above and beyond anything and everything else!
  • Forgiveness is my letting go and leaning it in God’s hands!
  • Two very important questions:  Is there something you need forgiven?  Is there someone you need to forgive?  (BE HONEST!)
  • It’s amazing what I have had to forgive today!  Things you do that you think may not matter are be noticed so matter and are noticed, but I love the congregation that God has given me!
  • I am thankful for the forgiveness that people have given me – it allows me to keep chasing after God’s right direction!
  • Sweet Treat Alley is going to be great this year – I am begging all of Northwood to step up to the plate and help this ninth year to be the best ever!
  • Tailgate Worship Service has the potential to be used by God to bring people out of the Kingdom of Darkness and into the Kingdom of Light, if we will do our part and embrace change for just one service!
  • Grace Place is going to be an amazing ministry that allows everyone an opportunity to reach beyond themselves so that the church can reach outside of its walls and into the community!
  • I love each of you, I am praying for you and looking forward to how God is going to use us for RIGHT DIRECTION in the days ahead!
  • God Bless, Press On and G3!

I really do love you and am glad that God let’s me be your pastor and friend!  Have a good night and a blessed week!