Is It Really?

I have been in church and around “church people” all of my life.  One of the things that I have observed and that really gives me a problem is when people do what they want to do and then call it “God’s Will!”  (As I look back on my life, I can see times and places where I have been guilty of this and the result was I cheated myself of God’s blessing and robbed God of His glory!

It is amazing the manipulations that some of us will go through to make the outcome that we want to become reality and then turn around and call it God’s will.  It may be God’s will or it may not be God’s will!  The truth is:  It is almost always our will!

God has a will and God has a plan for our lives, but He will never force it on us!  He allows us to make decisions and choices and if we are obedient in our decisions and choices, then God’s blessings are able to flow.

Just because you call it God’s will, does not make it God’s will.  I don’t want to play this game, because, I could miss out on something really special that God has for me by convincing myself that it is His will – when really it is not.

Be careful!  God loves you and has an amazing plan for your life.  I have discovered the hard way – just because you call it His will, does not make it His will.  By playing this game, I have cheated myself and missed some amazing blessings that God had in store for me!  If you think about it, you will discover that you have probably done the same!

Don’t beat up on yourself for past mistakes!  Admit them, ask God to forgive you and move on in a right relationship with Him by really seeking and submitting to His will!  Trust me – you will be glad that you did!

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  1. Dear MJ,
    Reggie and I were just discussing this , while reading out of Oswald Chambers writings.
    I told him that recently I felt that by saying “if its YOUR will, God” that I was giving myself the authority or something. . Its hard to explain but if we as Christians are truly saved ………all that we truly want is His Will and He doesnt have to be told. If we are walking with HIM , we just take the next step because He is leading us….BUT,,,,,,,,,if we are not walking with Him daily(which I have been very guilty of) , we may choose our own path and He will allow that even tho He already knew what we were going to do. WOW……this is confusing…….In other words, I see no reason anymore to pray YOUR will not mine……because I am His child and I am more than willing now for Him to lead , lead and lead again. I am glad that I have a God that has my life mapped out and if I am truly HIS,,,,,and living in obedience (to the best of my ability)and not rebelling against HIM in the bad times(rebel is kind of a strong word)………..everyday is a wait and see where God takes me today………Its exciting sometimes but a lot of times when I wonder God ……why???????why????? i know that in the end I will see that it was for a reason………to glorify His name, to make my life better, to help someone else etc. Going thru the times are hard…believe me, I know, but hindsight can give me a true and awesome feeling of Gods Presence in my life.
    This lesson was a hard one for me……..It has taken almost my whole Christian life to finally see that the SCRIPTURES MEAN WHAT THEY SAY!!!! Surrender is hard and I fall very short of it but I was once a control freak who didnt want to bother God with my probs..I thanked HIM, I praised HIM(not nearly enough) ….life was smoothe. I didnt feel a real need for HIM to do anything specific for me………..YES>

    Thanks for listening, I miss all of you …..Thank God I do have ANOTHER GREAT PASTOR with a true heart for God that ministers in a whole different way but God is so Real to him and I can feel it so deeply ……….Pray for us and we will pray for you……pray that my faith will stay strong and that I wont second guess my Heavenly Father on ANYTHING! Love to all, Melanie

    I was

  2. I dont know what happened …but after YES> i was going to say HE got my attention..I did NEED HIM and realized no problem of mine was too small for HIM and that nothing was too big for HIM…..Like everyone, we have had our struggles….Ours has been going on for about the last 15 years (yes , while at Northwood)……..God reveals Himself to us ………then its back………over and over for 15 years………but would I trade it for what its done in my life……..NO……Do i want it to continue……not really…..but its not a choice for me to make……I will follow Him…….Pray that I will always stay strong and the Devil shall never gain a foothold on me in many area…..Greater is He that is in ME………than He that is in the WORLD’
    I have a dear friend that I would like for you to pray for….He was my very best guy friend in the world………35 years later after he let the world take him over……….He is sick. He was dying, I found out………he owns bars…..I went to him..(yes, in the bar..i enjoyed my diet coke)…he welcomed me with open arms.I was in there an hour as he introduced me to all of his friends.. BILLY said, Melanie, you know Im an alcoholic (sp?) , i said yes, but you are still the same neighbor and best friend in the world that I grew up with….Biggest heart in the world…..He just took the wrong path(was a deacon in my church) …..I let him know that I loved him the same as 35 years ago…and so did God…As time passed he visited me in Hilliard (he lives in Jax) and we spent the day together…Reggie knew him well after we were married and also was friends with him….but after a while he left because like i said…….i didnt know where God was leading me…..Billy told me, Mel, I was saved the same time you were and even tho it definitely doesnt show……I am saved by GRACE……tear, tear……I believe he is but he has missed out on soooooooo much…….anyway…….GOD IS WORKING MIRACLES IN HIS LIFE…..SO MANY GRADUAL CHANGES OF DECISIONS……DIFFERENT ACTIONS AND MANNERISMS….BILLY HAS BEEN SOBER FOR ONE WEEK…….HE JUST TOLD ME! It has been at least 17 yrs. since he was sober…PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!He had already told me that his only healing could come from God but he continued to drink(HE owned 2 bars)……and stayed there alot…..which i told him laughingly not judgingly that prob was not a good idea…….he agreed….HE IS SELLING HIS BARS………PLEASE PRAY AND LIFT BILLY JOHNSON UP IN PRAYER…..I LOVE HIM LIKE A BROTHER..HE TOLD ME THAT I WAS STILL HIS BEST FRIEND…….
    When he told me he knew that His only healing could come from God, he meant physically and the ability to quit drinking……If he stops ……he can live !
    I ask that NBC corporately pray for my wonderful friend Billy…..Billy has made and has a lot of money……..sometimes it gets in the way…..I dont have to tell you what to pray, you will know…….I told him that I prayed for the healing of his mind , body and soul everytime I thought of him from our very first talk……..GOD IS WORKING………PRAY FOR MY FRIEND…HE IS SO PRECIOUS AND COULD BE SUCH A WITNESS AGAIN IN HIS LIFE……..
    thanks so much, melanie

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