Everyday of my life for a lot of years now, I have begun my day by meeting God early in the morning, before I get involved in anything else.  This appointment and practice has made and continues to make a huge difference in my life. 

I usually start of by taking a few moments to talk with God.  I thank Him for the night of rest or challenge – which ever it happened to be.  I ask Him to speak to me as I read His Word and help me to see and understand His way. 

I then read some verse or verses – usually according to some kind of plan that the Spirit has helped me to map out.  I think, listen and God speaks.  It is not an audible voice, it is a Spirit voice!  (Although I have come to recognize it almost as an audible voice!)  It is a voice that I hear inside of me and around me.  It is clear, real and very reassuring! 

I then take a few moments to write down or journal what I have heard and what I plan to do about it.  On most days I conclude this time with prayer which I speak or write out – just basically thanking God for the time together and for what He is teaching me and asking for guidance and strength!

This is just a little something personal from me to you and I hope that it blesses and makes your day better!  God Bless, Press On and G3!



I invest some major portion of my life everyday trying to be a help, encouragement or blessing to others.  I don’t feel that my day has been successful, if I have not helped to lift, challenge, encourage and motivate others.  There are a variety of methods that I use.  I write this blog, Facebook, Twitter and email.  I write personal notes and make phone calls.  But my favorite way is through personal interaction.  I typically spend the mornings in the office and the afternoons out and about trying to be with and meet people.

It is amazing to me all of the very special people who God has created and put in this world.  Most of them do not look, act or think a bit like me, but I still love getting to interact and do life with them.  It is amazing how I can meet a complete stranger and they can really know me and know more about me than some of the people who I see on an ongoing basis.

I am thankful for my friends past and present – they are a gift from God!  I am also thankful for the new friends that God will allow me to make today!  Please know that I am here and looking forward to experiencing some friendship with you!  Thanks for reading and I hope it blessed!

A Little Motorcycle Theology!

Last night after church I hopped on the motor and went for a little ride into the night.  When I am on the motorcycle, I observe so much more of everything that is around me.  The moon, while it was not full, was especially bright against the dark sky.  The cool breeze blowing across my face made me feel extra alive.  The smell of the honeysuckle brought a smile to my face as I thought back to childhood memories.

I stopped and thought for a moment why is life so different on the back of a motorcycle?  And the answer is:  Because I want it to be and I need it to be.  Even though I am speeding down the highway, life slows down and I drink it in.  God has blessed us with this life here on this earth.  We need to slow down and live it according to the plan that He has mapped out for us.

There is so much that He wants us to be blessed by, but we often miss it because we are living way to fast and we run right past His plans.  Take some time to slow down today and enjoy the sight, sounds and smells of the ride that God has you on – you will be glad that you did!