Tuesday Wisdom – Great Expectations!

This is a new feature to my blog!  On Tuesdays I am going to try to share one tiny bit of wisdom that I have been given to try to encourage us all to think about how we can be better and live better!

So here is todays wisdom – are you ready for it? “Give People More Than They Expect And Do It With A Good Attitude!” Most people in our world today are not expecting to get more than they expect and when they do – it totally blows them away!

When I go out to eat, I expect to get a good meal and good service.  But, when I go out and get an exceptional meal and great service, then I can’t wait to tell everyone about my experience.

As Christians, it should always be our goal to bring glory to God.  One of the greatest ways that we can bring glory to God is by developing a reputation that we as Christians are the type of people who always give more than is expected and with a good attitude!

If you stop and think about it, this is exactly what Jesus did for you and for me.  He gave us more than was expected and with a good attitude.  He has not given us anything because we deserved or earned it, but because He loves us and has an amazing plan for our lives.

Let’s follow the wisdom of Jesus and give more than expected with a good attitude and then we will truly enjoy life as we get to watch God get the glory!