No Limits!

God has a way and it is probably not your way!  In fact, most of the time our way gets in the way of God’s way because we limit God with our lack of faith!  When we decide to step past our fears and uncertainty by trusting God, our faith is an open invitation to God for the miraculous in our lives.

God is always at work!  It is usually not in the way that we think.  And I think the reason is because God is so much bigger and diverse than we can dream or imagine.  God is at work and God’s will, will ultimately be accomplished!

Think about your life!  Take a look back – what have you learned from your past mistakes and failures?  Don’t beat up on yourself, just learn, grow and move forward!  Take a look present – Ask yourself the five w’s and an h questions:  Who do I need to be?  What do I need to do?  When will I get started?  Where will I go from here?  Why have I not done it yet?  How can I get started right now?  Take a look forward – Know that God has an amazing plan for your life and don’t limit His plan with your plan!

Enjoy the journey God’s way and the destination will take care of itself!