How Much Does It Take?


How Much? How much does it take for your life to make a positive difference in this world?  I was sitting in the waiting room of the hospital this morning and one of the things that I love to do is watch other people.  When I watch other people, I wonder what’s going on in their lives?  I can’t help but to want to know their story.

Conversation! This usually leads to me striking up a conversation, which almost always leads to the other person being very willing to talk about themselves and what they are facing.  I have found that just by listening and asking questions that often very nervous people will become relaxed and extremely friendly.

Praying! I end almost ever conversation with the promise to pray for the person and their situation, which almost always leads to thanks and a real look of peace on their face.  By the way, I am usually there to minister to someone else – this is just icing on the cake!

Ride Time! I had one of these experiences this morning while I was visiting the hospital.  While I was waiting with the family in the waiting room, I noticed a young lady there by herself who seem to have a good bit on her mind.  I struck up a conversation and in the end was able to be a blessing and receive a blessing.  On the way back to the office today, I could not help but think about how such a simple thing can make a significant and meaningful impact.  People in our world need to know that other people care and one of the best ways that we can show that we care is by taking time with and for others.

A Little Bit More! We really do not have to give a lot of ourselves to make a very big difference!  I challenge you and I challenge myself to give a little bit more.  If just a little bit – makes a difference, then just think about the difference that a little bit more will make!

Jesus Gave The Example! And by the way – isn’t this exactly what Jesus has done and is doing for us?  Think about it and look for an opportunity to give a little bit more of whatever you’ve got today!