Heart Prayers!

How To Get Your Prayers Answered! Last time we talked a little bit about the reality that God answers prayers.  We discovered that we need to talk to God and not at God, if we expect to see Him work powerfully in and through our lives.  Today we are going to take a little time to think about the truth that God answers prayers, but it may not always be the answer that you are looking for!

Life is hard! You can do the right things and live the right life and it can still be very tough.  Living a good life according to God’s guidelines does not guarantee that everything will go your way and always be easy.  In fact, you can try and do everything right and still have challenges and frustrations.  The difference for Christ followers is this:  You are never alone!  God is always with you – every step of the way.

God Answers! Just because things are not working the way that you think they should, does not mean they are not working.  God is always at work and often is doing His greatest work when we are not even aware.  When things are not going the way that you think they should, then it may seem that God is not answering your prayers.  Keep in mind that God answers prayer – it just may not be the answer we want or expect, but it will always be the answer that we need!

When you pray – pray your heart and if it is not right, then be open to God challenging and changing your heart!