Get Ready For Sunday!

Join Us Sunday!

Looking Forward! I am really looking forward to Sunday!  “Crazy In Love!” has been a great series!  In preparation for Sunday I just want to challenge you to read Matthew 7:7-11 and take a little time to think about how much GOD loves YOU!

Experience Love! God does love us and while most of us have knowledge of this love, we could all use greater experience!  God loving us and our loving God is about so much more than a list of do’s and don’ts!  He is about you and your life and it making a difference.  He is about you experiencing acceptance, fulfillment and satisfaction of the most amazing kind.  He is about you growing to become the very special creation that He created you to become!

Our Goal! You can know God in a greater way!  And our goal this coming Sunday is to help you know Him in a greater way.  Trust me – this has the potential to change your life and take you to a brand new place of understand and purpose.

Open The Door! Make sure that you are here and make sure that you have invited some others to join you!  It is going to be a great day that has the potential to open the door to many other great days that will be packed full of the blessing of God!