Answered Prayer!

Hope Showing Love!

Prayer Talk! Let’s talk a little bit about prayer!  Everybody knows that they need to pray, but most never get around to really doing it.  And those of us that do take the time to pray, often do not do it right!  I am not being critical, just stating a reality that we need to accept, so that we can change and grow in our communication with our Creator!

God’s Answers Prayer! When I read through my Bible, it becomes very clear that God answers prayer!  I think many times our failure to get a response from God is really our failure to talk to Him.  You see – a lot of times we talk at God instead of to God! We talk at God by giving Him our list of request, demands or deals – whatever you like to call them.  Prayer is so much more than just talking at God.  Prayer is talking to God, which means that we talk and listen.  To talk to God is to have conversation.  To talk to God, we have to know His will.  To know God’s will, we have to spend  time in His Word.  If you don’t feel like God is answering your prayers, then make sure that you are talking to and not at Him!

Let’s Work To Grow In This Area! We look at this a little more tomorrow and hopefully it will grow our communication with our Creator!