The Mop Crew! The Guys That Struggled To Get The Gym Floor Clean!


Do You Struggle? This should be a great week for most folks, but I am getting a sense that many of us are struggling, even with a short week.  This morning in my devotions, I read this Scripture and thought that it might encourage and grow some of us!  I hope you find it as motivating as I did.  “For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline.”  2 Timothy 1:7

Two Things To Consider! Look at what God has given us and look at what He has not given us.

What God Has Not Given Us! Let’s first take a look at what He has not given us:  He has not given us a “spirit of timidity”  The Bible teaches that we were created in God’s image.  God did not create us to be weak, afraid or powerless.  God created us to be powerful, loving and disciplined!  God did not give you weakness, He gave you strength.  Whatever you have to face today – God has given you the power to overcome it!  Live in and thrive through that power!

What God Has Given Us! God has given us power, love and discipline.  You were created in the image of God.  Who or what can you think of that is more powerful than God?  We have the power of God flowing to and through our lives.  Don’t take His power for granted and don’t dare waste it!  God has given us love.  He loved us before we could ever love Him.  God is love and His love should flow to and through our lives.  Open your life to God’s love and share and show that love everywhere you go.  God has given us discipline.  Discipline is what allows us to grow and develop all that God has given us.  Don’t run away from discipline, run into it and you will discover a strength that you only dreamed existed!

You Are Special! You are special and God proves just how special you are with what He has and has not given you.  Live in the power of that reality today and enjoy the victory that God has provided!


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