Are You Sure It’s Not Monday?



I hate days like today! They start out good and you feel like you are on your way to a great day and then you have an encounter with a person that just seems to really mess everything up.  Have you ever noticed that the people who seem to mess up your day the most are the people who you care about and love the most?

Today was one of those days! I was having a great day.  Just trucking along, doing what I do, serving the Lord, enjoying the journey and then “BAM!”  Out of nowhere, it hits like a ton of bricks!  A person walks into my life, drops a hand grenade and walks out.  It had absolutely nothing to do with me.  This person was just unhappy and needed to share the misery! “Thanks for the blessing!”

Here are a few things that the Spirit is teaching me, now that I have had a little time to digest it.

People are just people! Profound and deep – right!  Reality is that people are people and people will let you down.  It is just a fact of life that people will fall short of your expectations.  The truth is:  I fall short of my own expectations!

Everyone is imperfect! I am not sure why is shakes us up when people let us down.  I know that people are imperfect.  I know this because I am a “people” and I am imperfect.  I guess when I become perfect, then I can expect others to be perfect.  Until then, we will just have to learn to make it the best that we can.

Intention is never enough! Most of the time we have the best of intentions, but we come up short in the fulfillment and follow through department.  Remember:  “Intentions make good paving material for the road to hell!”

We need a Savior! Imperfect people need a perfect Savior!  I need a Savior!  Jesus is my Savior and my friend.  He gives me forgiveness that I do not deserve and restoration that I cannot earn!  Jesus fills me and fulfills me.  I can always count on Him!  Now, I am already feeling a little better.  How about you?