Wardrobe Malfunction!


I Love The Cool Weather!

It was a rough, but good night! Last night I get up as I do on most Wednesday nights to receive prayer request and praise reports and we are having a very good time of praising God and sharing our concern for loved ones and friends.  We had a very good group of people who showed up last night and everyone seemed to be in a really good mood.  I noticed as I was sharing that everyone seemed to be paying extra special attention to me.  I did not think much of it, because I am the Pastor and I am standing in front of all of them.


Things were shaping up and looking good! After a nice time of sharing, I prayed a very beautiful and serious prayer.  I took time to acknowledge God’s holiness, thank Him for His faithfulness, ask for His forgiveness and plead for His interaction on behalf of all of the request that had been mentioned.  It was a very nice time of prayer!  As I finished praying and walked to the side for the music to begin, one of my members walked over to hand me a note.  I opened the note and it said “ZIPPER?”  As I made my way to the back sure enough – I was having a “wardrobe-malfunction!”  I immediately took care of the problem and after the singing stepped back up to deliver the Word.  I thought it best to say nothing of the zipper incident.  The Word was powerful and spoke to all of us and I think we left church challenged in more ways than one.

At Home! Later when I got home and was telling my wife about the incident, she quickly spoke up and said “oh yeah – I heard all about it from” and began to share a list of names.  She then reached over and turned down the waste of my khakis and said “and you are wearing your red underwear!”  I’ve thought a lot about this episode through the night and I only have one thing left to say:  “I love Christmas!”